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Whole foods + performance extracts

We combine the best of two worlds, the natural compounds of cold-pressed whole foods and natural supplement extracts to boost performance and health.  We provide premium products for those who take their fitness and health seriously–from pro-athletes to weekend warriors.

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Our products work with your body, not against it. Developed by a team of nutritionists and food scientists, we sourced ingredients that have been scientifically tested for athletic and recovery improvements.

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Fresh and Clean Product Ingredients

We are kind of fanatics and more than particular when it comes to our products. We've spent years finding the best ingredients and product formulas and only use premium whole foods and extracts. We never add sugars, synthetic preservatives, or artificial flavors. Each ingredient has been chosen with one goal in mind: naturally improving an athlete's performance and health. But keeping it natural doesn't mean we cross our fingers and just throw fruits and veggies into a blender. We use the latest scientific research and insights to provide products that optimally balance nutritional needs during pre-, intra- and post-workout. Because when you need to perform at the highest level, you can't cut corners. Get detailed information on all the ingredients we use.

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Hassle free, super fast shopping. Worry less about nutritional planning, active ingredient levels, shopping, prepping, and cleaning the kitchen. Order your products here and get them delivered to your house overnight and ready for your morning excercise or simply set-up automated delivery for recurring orders.

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Pomegranate polyphenols such as punicalagin protects nitric oxide (NO) against oxidative destruction. NO is a short-lived, gaseous molecule that is produced in your cells. Once released into the bloodstream, it signals the body to perform certain functions such as vasodilatation opening up the blood vessels and capillaries to increase blood flow and deliver oxygen and critical nutrients throughout your body at the time it needs them most.

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In a well-controlled human clinical trial comparing commercial Curcumin products, our curcumin extract (CurcuWIN) increased relative absorption of total Curcuminoids 46x over standard Curcumin. It was also significantly more bioavailable than other enhanced forms.

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ActiGIN demonstrated in a published study available PLOS One (impact factor 3.53) than it can significantly reduce inflammation on muscle tissue up to 4 days post excise while enhancing exercise to exhaustion times.

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